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Every client of Foss Appraisal Service has different appraisal needs, each personal property appraisal report created by Foss Appraisal Service is created to conform to our client’s needs.

There comes a time in many people’s lives when it makes sense to move out of their family home and into a smaller one. Foss Appraisal Service will work with you or your family to determine which items make the most sense to sell and which items are best kept in the family. This process does not always include the cost of an appraisal report. A Foss specialist can provide a verbal estimate on most things in the home and provide you a variety of customized options to consider while making these important decisions.

Estate Tax-
As the executor or personal representative for a loved one’s estate, you can be overwhelmed by the prospect of handling all of the different aspects of the job. Foss Appraisal Service has worked on thousands of estates and can be of assistance when dealing with the personal property. From helping determine if an appraisal is necessary, to assisting with the valuation and distribution of the personal property, Foss Appraisal Service will make your job easier.
Estate Planning

Jewelry Appraising
Can you be positive that the jewelry you own is properly insured? The experts at Foss Appraisal Service are graduates of the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.) and are specifically trained to accurately assess the value of antique as well as contemporary jewelry and loose stones.

Many basic home-owner’s insurance policies do not properly address the value of treasured items. If a claim must be made, an insurance company will require proof of value to be established prior to the claim. Even the most comprehensive policy does the individual no good if the replacement cost of the property has not been accurately determined.
Insurance Claim

Divorce Appraisal
If you find yourself in a battle of assets while settling a divorce, a personal property appraisal report can assist the attorneys with an equitable dispersal of the parties’ property.

Used Building Materials-
If you are considering renovating your home, you should consider salvaging any of the re-usable materials during the remodel or deconstruction. Foss Appraisal Service is one of the few appraisers in the Puget Sound qualified under IRS code to evaluate the fair market value of used building materials for donation to a not-for-profit firm such as Habitat for Humanity or EarthcorpsAfter you choose which organization to support, contact Foss Appraisal Service to get your appraisal for tax benefits.
Building Material Appraisal