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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Government currently regulate appraisers?
Currently, the government regulates only real property (real estate) appraisers. This is why it is important to consider the credentials of the Personal Property Appraiser that you choose. Chris Foss ISA, GD, owner and lead appraiser, is a member in good standing with the International Society of Appraisers and the Gemological Institute of America.
When will an appraiser consider sentimental value?
A good appraiser will consider the quality, condition, and history as well as the market trends but never the sentimental value of an item.
When do I need an appraisal for a Charitable Donation?
If you take a tax deduction for a non-cash charitable contribution, you must get a qualified appraisal if the deduction claimed is over $5,000.
Can Foss Appraisal Service appraise the value of my house?
Foss Appraisal Service does not currently offer real-estate-appraisal services. We are able to evaluate the contents of an entire home but not the value of the home itself.
Will Foss Appraisal Service provide multiple copies of my appraisal report?
Yes, with each completed appraisal, Foss Appraisal Service will provide as many full-color, certified, appraisal reports as you require. The cost for these will vary with the length of the appraisal report.
Does Foss Appraisal Service offer jewelry appraisals?
Yes, Foss Appraisal Service is pleased to be able to offer its clients professional jewelry appraisals, along with the rest of our personal property appraisals services.
Does Foss Appraisal Service buy items that they appraise?
No, Foss Appraisal Service does not buy any items that we have appraised. One of the most important aspects of an appraiser’s job is to remain impartial and never have a financial interest in the items being appraised. For clients who have contacted Seattle Jewelry Buyers, Foss Appraisal Service has been hired by Seattle Jewelry Buyers simply to inspect the jewelry. Any purchase offer is made by Seattle Jewelry Buyers.
Can Foss Appraisal Service advise me on the best way to sell an item?
Yes, although we do not buy, we are happy to assist our clients either before, during, or after an appraisal on the best way to sell a piece of personal property. While not always applicable Foss Appraisal Service is able to assist clients in selling their items on a consignment basis. Contact us for more information on our consignment policies.